Pala Investments

Pala Investments is a Carbon Neutral Firm

As part of its ongoing dedication to facilitating the global shift to a lower carbon economy, Pala has completed its carbon offset program for 2020 and set its offset framework for the coming years. This program results in Pala’s activities being net carbon neutral.

Pala has purchased, and permanently retired, a bespoke portfolio of carbon credits. These were selected from a range of global projects to appropriately reflect the activities of the firm and address a cross-section of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.  The inclusion of Scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions in the firm’s carbon footprint calculation reflects Pala’s commitment to reduce and offset both direct and indirect emissions. 

Pala has partnered with decarbonization specialists BeZero Carbon to design and execute its carbon credit framework.  BeZero’s framework combines scientific analysis of offset projects and portfolio theory to offset a ‘true tonne’ of carbon for every credit purchased. 

For the 2020 period, Pala has selected carbon credits generated from the following accredited projects to mitigate 100% of its emissions:

- N2O Abatement Project (Nitric acid abatement, Pakistan): Highly additional, with N2O emissions estimated to impact global warming by 300x vs. CO2 and reflecting Pala’s emissions from air travel (Scope 3).

- TIMARPUR-OKHLA (Solid waste to energy, India): Methane avoidance and improved sanitation and economic benefits.

- Mongolian Nomad Project (Grassland conservation, Mongolia): Highly additional grassland management activity with social benefits for nomadic herders.

- Montana Improved Grazing (Sustainable grassland management, U.S.): Ecosystem restoration allowing for the implementation of sustainable, improved farming practices.

- Katingan Peatland Restoration & Conservation (Avoided conversion of peatlands, Indonesia): Highly additional as peatlands have no financial benefit but offer large capacity for natural terrestrial carbon storage.

- TIST Program & Community Forestry Programme (Afforestation, Uganda & Timor Leste): GHG sequestration through tree planting and enabling livelihoods for local communities.

- Peru REDD+, Southern Cardamom REDD+ & Isangi REDD+ (Avoided deforestation, Peru, Cambodia & DRC): REDD+ methodologies for forestation avoidance are highly additional as property rights and leakage risks are incorporated into project design.

Pala is committed to remaining a net carbon neutral firm going forward and is also actively working towards reducing the carbon footprint of its portfolio investments.

About Pala
Pala is an investment company focused on the raw materials value chain critical to building a sustainable and decarbonised future economy.   Pala’s team has extensive experience, with a strong track record of successful investments and value creation.  We pursue superior risk-adjusted returns through our convictions and by providing financing solutions and strategic support for development, growth and turnaround situations. 

About BeZero Carbon
BeZero Carbon is a London-based company that launched in 2020 to drive the transition from climate awareness to climate action.  Our mission is to embed ecological outcomes into everyday business decision-making, and create systematic approaches to deliver systematic change.  We offer smarter, quality-based products & solutions to Decarbonisation, Offsetting, and Natural Capital.  The company’s innovative approach draws on more than 60 years of experience across economics, ecology, and engineering.

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